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My name is Joacim and I am a wilderness- and fishing guide from Sweden. My ambition is to inspire you, as my guest, and give you access to our fantastic northern nature the way that suits you.

It doesn´t matter if you have a lot of experience of wildlife or non at all. Whether you want a day trip or want to stay overnight, I will customize your visit to meet your expectations.

Ljadas Food & Adventure is the company name and the result of a longterm interest in wildlife, adventure and food. I want you to enjoy the nature, whether it’s just for resting, boiling coffee or having days of exciting fishing, tent nights, poor mobile phone coverage and cooking over open fire.

I want to share the amazing feeling that good food and unforgettable nature will give you!


Let’s book a trip along Vindelälven (Vindelriver), Lögdeälven or some of our beautiful lakes nearby. The surroundings contiains several nice fishing waters. It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner or experienced in fly fishing.

On these trips you will be fishing for trout, grayling, pearch or pike. This will be a memorable day with fishing, nice food and coffee cooked over open fire.

Wilderness & Bushcraft

The nature has great resources. It will give you opportunities for experiences, adventures and other fine ingredients.

Have you ever discovered that the food tastes better outside? So why not learn different methods to cook really good food over the open fire or on the gas stove? Spend a night by the lake in a tent or give yourself a nice guided day tour.

Do you want to learn how to make a fire without a lighter? How to make practical tools of material from nature? Carv your own spoon from a piece of wood? Learn how to safetly handle knives and other sharp tools?

If you say ”yes” to these questions, the ”Bushcraft” is the adventure for you!

You will also have the opportunity to sleep under a tarpaulin or a tent in the northern nature of Sweden. And who knows ..? Maybe you will find out that this night sleep is even better than a hotel bed 😉

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Do get in touch and let us costumize your adventure in the northern nature.

Feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail.

The best! /
Joacim Ljadas


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